Master of Business Administration Program in Strategic Management

Shi Rui
Research on the Influencing Factors of Consumers’ Impulsive Buying Behavior in Video blog in Kunming: A TIK TOK Case Study
Yang Yuan
The Impact of Information Disclosure on the Business Performance: A Case Study from Listed companies in Shanghai's Stock Market
Chen Yin
Performance Management of WH Hotel
Renxiu Du
A Study on the impact of humble leader behavior on employees' work engagement - A Case Study from Tianfu Software Park Zone
Jing Huan
The Impact of Organizational Learning on Organizational Performance—A Case Study from Beijing Yi Zhuang Economic Development Zone
Wei Pan
A Research about the Employee's Motivation for Knowledge Sharing and Employee Creativity: A Case Study from the Industrial Park of Jiujiang National Economic and Technology Development Zone
Ye Ping
The Impacts of Entrepreneur Innovation, Corporate Equity Structure on Innovation Performance: A Case Study from Beijing's High-tech Industry
Zhou Tang
Marketing Strategy of the Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Company
Hou Hongye
The Impact of Organizational Commitment on Work Performance: A Case Study from SMEs in Hebei, China
Shiwei Fu
Research on the Influence of Differential Leadership on Employees' Voice Behavior: Taking Pingmei Mining Bureau as an Example
Yang Yugeng
The Influence of E-commerce Shopping Festival Promotion on Impulse Buying Behavior of College Students
Yin Xuan
The Impact of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors on Employee Performance in Private Enterprises in Beijing
Yun Peng
The Impact of Female Leaders’ Psychological Capital, Charismatic Leadership, and Organizational Commitment on Innovative Behavior: A Case Study from Guiyang
Wu Yue
The Impact of Marketing Strategy on Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study from Shandong Tourism Company
Zhiyuan Hu
The Influence of Empowering Leadership Behavior on Employees' Innovation Ability: A Case Study of Ecommerce Park in Hebei Province
Huiqiong Ye
The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employees' Innovative Behavior: A Case Study from Beijing Technology Zone
Yong Wan
A Study of the Impact of Organizational Structure Change on Organizational Performance
Yao Shengye
A Study on the Effect of Organizational Commitment on Employees' Turnover Intention: A Validation from A High-Tech Company in Shanghai
Liu Hu
The Role of Incentive Theory in Enterprise Management: A Case from Employee View of Y Bank
Yangping Liu
The Impact of Work-family Conflict on Work Engagement Among Female Managers: Beijing Tongzhou Business Park as an Example