The Impact of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors on Employee Performance in Private Enterprises in Beijing


Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Employee Performance
Characteristic Latitude
Empirical Research


Human resource is an essential resource for the development of enterprises,
and the performance level of enterprise employees directly affects the organization's
performance to a certain extent. Organized citizenship is an act that benefits the
organization outside of its role. It consists of several informal cooperative behaviors
that some scholars have called organizational citizenship behavior, which was first
explicitly defined in 1988 by Organ D.W. and colleagues.
This paper aims to analyze the impact of the behavior of civic organizations
on the performance of corporate employees. In this paper, the definition, theoretical
basis, dimension, cause variable, and result variable of organizational behavior are
studied through the theory of organizational citizenship behavior, and the
description, content, and application of employee performance are reviewed. Based
on the relevant research results of previous generations, this paper examines the
relationship and influence between the organizational citizenship behavior of
enterprise employees and the work performance of enterprise employees.
The practice has proved that it is adequate to adjust the relationship within
the organization, stimulate the organizational citizenship behavior of employees,
improve employee performance, improve enterprise performance, and promote the
long-term development of enterprises. At the same time, the performance of
employees is directly related to the realization of corporate goals. Therefore, the
behavior of the organization's citizens and the implementation of employees are studied. Mobilize the enthusiasm and innovation of employees from new
perspectives so that employees can make more outstanding contributions to
enterprise management.
Finally, this topic puts forward reasonable suggestions on how managers of
private enterprises in China can improve employee performance: First, establish a
positive attitude to recognize and defend the civic behavior of the organization.
Second, encourage on-demand response, implement differentiated management,
and improve employee job satisfaction. Third, attach importance to employees'
career planning and improve their career development potential. Fourth, pay
attention to distributive equity and procedural fairness. Fifth, the enterprise
performance and humanistic care, care for employees, work and life, trust
employees, support employees organic combination. Sixth, establish and improve
the rotation system of enterprise employees, further enrich the working environment
of employees, enrich the extracurricular cultural life of employees, and let
employees fully participate in the enthusiasm of work.

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