Marketing Strategy of the Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Company


Chinese Medicine
Globalization, Marketing
Human Community with A Shared Future


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a cultural treasure of the Chinese
nation and is the crystallization of the Chinese people's experience in preventing and
treating diseases for thousands of years. With China's accession to WTO and the
enhancement of the overall competitive advantage of TCM, the awareness of TCM in
some countries has been increasing; at the same time, the growth of the natural drug
market and its acceptance of TCM products have provided favorable conditions for
the development of China's TCM industry, but it also faces challenges in many
aspects. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study the current situation of
China's TCM industry and its international development strategy.
The theoretical development and concrete practice of modernization of TCM
industry for more than 20 years still do not contribute enough to the
internationalization process, so the development ideas of "international exchange
and cooperation" and "knowledge innovation" have been proposed by the domestic
industry and academia, which have become the mainstream ideas of TCM industry in
recent times. The mainstream idea of internationalization development of TCM
industry has been proposed by domestic industry and academia. Based on the
research results of the development of Chinese medicine industry at home and
abroad and the specific practice of modernization of Chinese medicine industry, we
adopt the analysis framework of the creation of Chinese modern management
school: foreign for Chinese, ancient for modern, recent for modern, and
comprehensive integration, draw on the thinking methods of diamond competitive advantage theory and Hall's three-dimensional spatial model structure, and follow
the integration process of "science, technology, engineering and industry" proposed
by Academician Qian Xuesen. This study proposes a three-dimensional spatial
development model for the economic system of TCM industry: disciplinary system
structure/specialized dimension, TCM industry development process/time and
industry chain/logical dimension, in order to deeply analyze the problems to be
solved in the process of internationalization of TCM industry.

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