The Impact of Organizational Commitment on Work Performance: A Case Study from SMEs in Hebei, China


Organizational Commitment
Job Performance
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


Work performance is directly related to the profits of the enterprise and is
also closely related to the welfare and treatment of employees. In today's era,
talents have become an essential resource for enterprises to achieve efficient
development. Enterprises must adopt a diversified approach to mobilize employees'
enthusiasm, maintain employees' Loyalty to the enterprise, closely link the value of
employees' self-realization with the value of long-term development of enterprises,
and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. Among the many
motivating factors, organizational commitment will play a vital role in guiding the
thinking and behavior of employees.
This article is divided into six sections. The first part is the first chapter, which
mainly introduces the overview of the paper, the significance of the research, the
research objectives, the research contribution, the limitations of the research, and
the definition of the organizational commitment and work performance of SMEs.
The second part is the second chapter, which mainly introduces the research review
theory of organizational commitment and works performance and gives the
conceptual framework of independent and dependent variables. The third part is
the third chapter, which mainly focuses on the theme design and detailed analysis
of the job satisfaction, job performance, and organizational commitment
relationship of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province
and elaborates on the design and sampling method of the research questionnaire. The fourth part is the fourth chapter, which collects and analyzes the collected
questionnaire data mainly through the SPSS software. The findings focus on the
demographic analysis of the corresponding results. Part V draws relevant
conclusions, discusses the study's findings, and makes relevant recommendations.
Part VI includes references, questionnaire content, and personal information.

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