The Influence of Empowering Leadership Behavior on Employees' Innovation Ability: A Case Study of Ecommerce Park in Hebei Province


Empowering Leadership Behavior
Employee Innovation Capability
Core Competence
Spirit of Innovation
Organizational Change


Innovation is the cornerstone of human civilization's continuous progress. The
telephone, semiconductors, the Internet, computers, automobiles, and airplanes are
all major innovations that have changed the course of human civilization. The
enterprise that leads in innovation is often the enterprise that leads the world.
Therefore, innovation is the soul of enterprise survival and development, and
it is an important guarantee for enterprises to win core competitiveness and form
sustainable development. If an enterprise wants to seek breakthrough and innovation,
it must ultimately be implemented to the individual employees in the enterprise, from
the perspective of individual innovation behavior of the enterprise, that is, the
innovation behavior of the employees. The traits and styles of leaders are an important
part of leadership theory, and the qualities and characteristics of leaders have an
impact on the employees in the organization, which in turn affects their innovative
behavior. Among the leadership behaviors that influence employees' behavior and
attitudes, empowering leadership behavior is an important motivational approach, and
its effectiveness in enhancing organizational performance has been widely studied and
proven. With the continuous development of social economy, the demand for talents
in all industries has continued to grow, and talents have become a necessary guarantee
for the healthy development of enterprises. Therefore, modern enterprises are taking
a series of measures to stimulate the innovation ability of employees and combine their individual interests with the collective interests of the enterprise, which is an
important path to achieve business performance. Empowering leadership behavior
refers to the behavior of business leaders to grant rights to employees, which has great
motivational value to employees. Enterprises follow the changing situation of the
market economy, the process of change and adjustment of their own business
management model and organizational structure, the perception of employees to
empowering leadership behavior will, to a certain extent, change the attitude and
performance of employees, and even make employees have a certain sense of
insecurity. Thus, enterprises should fully consider the interests of employees in the
process of empowering leadership behavior and listen to their ideas and opinions
extensively in order to realize the unity of employees' interests and corporate interests,
which is significant for mobilizing employees' innovation ability. In the information age,
customer needs are updated day by day, which requires e-commerce companies to
keep up with customers in innovation, or even to be ahead of the curve, which puts
forward higher requirements for the organization's innovation performance. Business
leaders must always pay attention to the changes occurring in the market and make
guiding decisions for business actions based on the changes. Not only should leaders
make quick judgments when facing challenges and opportunities, but they can also
inspire and influence individuals to achieve their goals through their comprehensive
capabilities, i.e., leadership styles that fit the needs of the organization and leaders
that directly influence the team and improve the performance of the company.
Therefore, it is necessary to study the influence of leadership style on innovation
performance of e-commerce companies.
Based on the perspective of employee innovation development, this paper
conducts a comprehensive investigation on how to carry out empowering leadership
behaviors and provides suggestions for the specific practice of enterprises, expecting
to provide ideas for the management of modern enterprises, help enterprises fully
mobilize the innovative spirit of employees, and promote the sustainable
development of enterprises.

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