The Impact of Female Leaders’ Psychological Capital, Charismatic Leadership, and Organizational Commitment on Innovative Behavior: A Case Study from Guiyang


Female Entrepreneurs
Attractive Leadership
Innovative Behavior


The new era calls for women to new actions. With the rise of "her economy",
more and more women will enter the business and business world, control their
lives more confidently, and become a unique entrepreneurial force. Women have
more and more autonomy and more and more space for development. Women
entrepreneurs and leaders can be seen in all industries and fields. At the same time,
facing the constantly changing internal and external environment, enterprises are
also constantly exploring how to innovate and how to improve their innovation
performance in order to ensure their core competitiveness.
In the final analysis, the innovation of enterprises depends on employees.
The improvement of employees' innovation performance obviously promotes the
overall development of the organization. When more and more women become the
main leaders of enterprises, the positive impact of their leadership style on the
development of the enterprise and employee innovation performance is also
gradually causing thinking.
Based on the above background, it focuses on the female entrepreneurs in
Guiyang Business Park, and analyzes the relationship between their charming
leadership ability and employee innovation behavior. This paper is divided into six
major parts. The first part is the first chapter, which mainly expounds the research
background, research status, the importance of research, research objectives, research contribution, and research limitations of this paper. The second part is the
second chapter, which mainly focuses on the research theme of "employee
innovation behavior" and combs and summarizes the relevant theoretical literature
from extension to connotation order. The third part is the third chapter methodology,
mainly in the study of female entrepreneurs charm leadership ability, staff innovation
behavior scale of item composition and measurement method in detail, put forward
the research hypothesis of this study, the overall study, sample size, sampling
method, detail the questionnaire data collection method, to the relevant reliability
validity test of the scale. The fourth part is the fourth chapter, which mainly arranges
and analyzes the collected questionnaire data through SPSS software, analyzes the
personal background variables, the influence relationship with charismatic leadership
and employee innovation behavior, and analyzes the correlation between the
various dimensions of female entrepreneurs and employee innovation behavior
through regression analysis. The fifth part is the fifth chapter, which sorts out the
analysis results of chapter 4, draws conclusions, discusses the improvement and
promotion of the charming leadership ability of future female entrepreneurs and
employees' innovation behavior, and puts forward targeted suggestions and strategies.

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