The Impact of Marketing Strategy on Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study from Shandong Tourism Company


Marketing Strategy
Smart Tourism
Tourist Perception


The study examined the impact of marketing strategy on customer
satisfaction. Furthermore, Smart tourism is the integrated development of tourism
and information technology. Traditional tourism is moving towards a new process of
smart tourism development driven by new Internet technologies. Smart tourism is
becoming a turning point to promote the transformation and upgrading of the
tourism industry in the ancient city. Tourists are the main body of tourism activities
and the foothold of smart tourism construction. In the process of improving smart
tourism construction, it is necessary to strengthen the research on tourists'
perception, and promote the integrated development of ancient city's smart culture
and tourism with tourists' needs and perception evaluation.
From the perspective of tourists, this paper builds an indicator system of
tourists' perception of smart ancient cities by summarizing the relevant literature
achievements of tourists' perception in smart tourist attractions and combining the
current situation of smart tourism in ancient cities. based on the deficiencies
reflected in the evaluation results and the reality of the ancient city's smart
construction, it proposes to explore deeper requirements based on tourists' feedback
and optimize the sense of smart service experience.

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