The Impacts of Entrepreneur Innovation, Corporate Equity Structure on Innovation Performance: A Case Study from Beijing's High-tech Industry


Entrepreneur Innovation
Corporate Equity Structure
Innovation performance


Based on the empirical research of Beijing High-tech Industry Corporation, this
paper analyzes the rent theory and technological innovation theory of Austrian
school representative scholars, and points out that the entrepreneur ' s sensitivity,
private relationship network, uncertainty tolerance and risk preference have an
impact on the decision-making process of technological innovation.
This paper takes 258 high-tech enterprises in Beijing as the research object,
carries on the questionnaire survey, data mining and extraction to 300 entrepreneurs
in Beijing, carries on the descriptive statistical analysis and carries on the correlation
test to the variables in each model, then carries on the regression analysis to the
sample, analyzes the relationship between entrepreneur innovation, corporate equity
structure and innovation performance. Finally, the article summarizes and prospects,
summarizes the article, and objectively analyzes the shortcomings of the article and
the direction of future efforts.

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