The Impact of Work-family Conflict on Work Engagement Among Female Managers: Beijing Tongzhou Business Park as an Example


Work Engagement
Work-family Conflict


An increasing number of women entering the workplace are experiencing interrole
conflict in their home and work domains. As a result, work-family conflict may
occur. This may impact level of work engagement women experience. The study aimed
to determine the effect of work-family conflict on work engagement amidst working
mothers. In addition, the study investigated the moderating effect of the personality
traits extraversion and agreeableness on the correlation between work engagement
and work-family conflict. A narrow body of knowledge exists that explores the
implications of work-family conflict in the South African context, particularly among
working mothers. The research design was quantitative and crosses- sectional. The
sample (n=326) encompassed working mothers. The data was collected by using the
Work-to-Family Conflict questionnaire (Netemeyer, Boles & McMurrian, 1996), the Basic
Traits Inventory (BTI) (Taylor & de Bruin, 2006) and the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale
(UWES-9) (Schaufeli, Salanova, González-Romá & Bakker, 2002). This study found that
work-family conflict predicts work engagement among working mothers.
In addition, the personality traits extraversion and agreeableness predict work
engagement but do not moderate the relationship between work-family conflict and
work engagement within this sample. The results of this investigation contribute to the
narrow amount of research conducted in the South African context with regard to workfamily
conflict and work engagement, especially among working mothers. In addition,
organizations gain insight into the effects of work-family conflict on work engagement Organizations should therefore take measures to provide support to employees so as
to decrease the level of work-family conflict they experience and consequently,
increase work engagement. This study also demonstrates the effect of personality on
work engagement.

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