The Influence of E-commerce Shopping Festival Promotion on Impulse Buying Behavior of College Students


E-commerce Shopping Festival
Promotional Activities
College Students
Impulse Buying Online


In the era of rapid development of the Internet, online shopping
consumption mode has gradually been recognized by people. In recent years, the
transaction scale of China's online retail market has been continuously expanding,
and the increase of online retail volume brought by various forms of promotional
activities has become a normal. And now VIP shop "419", Jindong "618", T-mall
"Double 11", Taobao "Double 12" and other shopping festivals followed. College
students, as the main group in online shopping, often produce impulsive
consumption under the promotion of various e-commerce shopping festivals.
Therefore, through questionnaire survey and literature review, the formation of
impulse buying behavior in the promotional environment is generally divided into
several stages. And further analyzes the key elements of the characteristic of sales
promotion, time pressure and price discount in electricity shopping section play a
important role in the promotion period, so as to explore the promotion
characteristics and the influence mechanism between the college students'
consumer overconfidence, and based on the specific characteristics of these factors
on the influence of the electric business shopping festival promotion impulse buying
is analyzed,
Finally, according to the research conclusions, corresponding suggestions are
put forward on the influence of e-commerce shopping festival promotion on college
students' impulse buying behavior.

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