The Effect of Non-Native Language Learning Course Design Innovation on Students’ Learning Engagement


Help Students Overcome the Difficulties of Non-Native Language Learning
Make Students Learn Actively
Pay More Attention


With the development of innovative education and the deepening of innovation education, the key and difficult points have naturally turned to innovation teaching research and research, classroom teaching in education teaching, classroom teaching reform, and innovation.
How to help and improve Chinese teaching, help students to overcome the difficulties of non-native tongue learning, so that they have confidence and interest in learning Chinese, rather than avoid talking, not willing to communicate with Chinese-speaking people more. According to the sample statistics, the data is analyzed, and the research on a school in Phuket, Thailand shows that, first of all, the behavior of teaching Chinese is not only about the process of "teaching", but more importantly, how to make students learn actively and pay more attention to it. It is based on students' willingness and interest, and secondly, for students of different ages and grades, different teaching materials are used, and targeted innovations are used so that students from different places can master Chinese learning at different stages.

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