Research on the Effect of Teacher-Student Interaction on Student’s Creative Thinking Ability


Creative Thinking Ability
Classroom Interaction
Teacher Student Interaction


At the beginning of the new century, more and more people with insight have
clearly realized that human society is undergoing a profound change driven by
information technology. In this reform, we should not only seize opportunities and
meet challenges, but also adhere to the national strategy of "rejuvenating the country
through science and education". Under such a background, education must and will
inevitably undergo revolutionary changes. Society needs to educate and train qualified
citizens who master science and technology; Society also needs education to provide
qualified labor force for economic development in the new century. Therefore,
education must cultivate professional, entrepreneurial, innovative and innovative
talents. Therefore, we urgently need to explore ways to cultivate innovative talents in
classroom teaching.
The final result of classroom interaction will be reflected in students' classroom
learning effect, and creative thinking ability is the most important aspect of students'
classroom learning effect. Therefore, classroom interaction is not only conducive to
improving the quality of classroom teaching, but also conducive to the harmonious
development of students' body and mind and the improvement of creative thinking
We investigated the situation of classroom interaction and students' creative
thinking ability in junior middle school. Analyze the correlation between classroom
interaction and students' creative thinking ability, so as to put forward more reasonable
and effective classroom interaction strategies.

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