Dean's Message

From studying to teaching in China or Thailand, from building five to building three, I would like to thank the President's trust and the blessings from all of you, who have allowed me to grow and have the opportunity to start something new from innovation. It has occurred and the impact it has had. Time and again, it made me realize that human destiny cannot withstand the passing of time. Yet, we are a community that shares the future of humanity through The Belt and Road Initiative and the integration of cultures from different regions of the world. Whether it is electronic commerce, support for cross-border RMB payments, and other aspects of the trade, barriers have begun to decline while the lives of Thai people in society are constantly changing.

Thailand is welcoming this new era through Strategy 4.0, which also creates the driving force and development direction of the Innovation College. As the Chancellor once said to me when I came to work here, “Giving is true happiness, and education is the most beautiful good deeds.”

I am delighted to have a team of personnel accompany me on this journey as I embrace the Chancellor's trust in me. Today we sincerely welcome both domestic and international students to study at our university. Choosing to study here means that you will be part of the succession of the course and we would like to place our hopes on the new generation who will become students of this college.